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Shipping components to remote Australia

I have a small business that does repairs. We often have to fly components to remote parts of Australia at a minutes notice. I have become very good at assessing the best ways to get parts to remote Australia quickly, bearing in mind the size of the components and the place that we need to get them. It's a bit tricky to get the balance right but it is an important part of offering our customers the best service while keeping our costs down This blog has tips for small business owners who need to improve how they manage shipping in their business.


Shipping components to remote Australia

Three Ways to Maximize the Space in Your Shipping Container and Make Cost Savings

Wade Owens

When you are new to the shipping business, everything may seem complicated and overwhelming. There are so many choices to make, such as choosing the ideal container type and size, product packaging, and selecting the proper mode of transportation. Rarely do people think about ways to utilize the space in their containers and the impact that this can have on the overall shipping costs. This article will offer insight on some of the ways you can maximize the space in your shipping container and make significant savings.

Package goods in pallets

The way in which your products are packaged can determine the amount of space that they will occupy in the container. If you have a large shipment and are faced with space challenges, using pallets or crates is the way to go. Go for plastic or wooden pallets that are suitably sized depending on the type of products being shipped. The primary advantage of crates is that they can be stacked in the container to save on valuable space. Also, they ease packaging and transportation, reduce transportation costs, and ensure efficient handling from the point of origin to their destination.

Full vs. Less than Container Load

Choosing the ideal container for your shipping needs is critical to minimizing transportation costs. If you are shipping several crates, maybe more than eight, it would be affordable to use the Full Container Load (FCL) option. This mode of shipping attracts lower freight charges for those transporting a lot of goods. However, if you have fewer crates that may not fit an entire container, you should ship by Less than Container Load (LCL). With LCL shipping, you only pay for the volume of your goods in a container which is shared with other shippers as well.

Consider cargo consolidation

Shipping cargo that doesn't fit an entire container can cause you to incur unnecessary costs. If your load isn't enough to fill an entire container, cargo consolidation should be your go-to option. In this mode of shipping, your cargo is shipped together with that of other shippers in the same container. Consolidation reduces shipping costs, as it allows you to pay by a bulk shipping rate instead of transporting your items separately. This technique can also come in handy if you are buying products from various suppliers who require minimum orders to fill containers.

Contact a shipping company about shipping containers for hire and more tips on how to maximize space in your shipping container and reduce the cost of transportation.